Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Different Style!

It's kind of simple for was for a challenge at my south african friend's blog:

anyway, I've sort of been too busy for my overdone super-involved layouts so I've been doing these pretty simple ones.

I broke my scrapbook moratorium...2 Peas was having free shipping and I have had a cart full for like a month and a half, anyway, I think they call that an irresistable I had a happy mail day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This and That

I know this is probably an incredibly narcisstic layout, but I am still in awe that I actually took this picture of myself. It's all about the makeup, and I guess it was a good hair day. I tense up really bad whenever anyone else takes my picture but I relax when I take my own picture. It's very weird. Anyway, I am 31 now, and it's pretty much all downhill towards middle age from here, so I wanted to commemorate the one moment in time when I was pretty and still looked young.

This is a card for my grandma, who is very sick in the hospital right now. She's really been failing since grandpa died in July. My husband was shocked that I could make a "cute", "simple" card and not one of my incredibly jam-packed, overdone projects. I laughed! It's all about the aesthetic, and right now I am going through a jam-packed, overdone phase! But I know my grandma would like this style better, so that's what I did! The paper is Webster's Pages, and I chose it because it is kind of old-fashioned and I thought it would please grandma.

This is a totally awesome RAK that I won from Brook over at:

What an awesome RAK!!! I used the prima flowers on the layout I just did. Thank you Brook!

And finally, I finished the journaling for Jesse's "My Real Man" layout I did a couple weeks ago. This is what it says:

What I love about you

1. You love me more than anyone or anything.
2.You are very handsome, sexy, and irresistably cuddly to me-my big, fuzzy, teddy bear, raar Bubby.
3.You will be a really good daddy someday.
4.You are my perfectly designed opposite.
5.You are hilarious, entertaining, and unexpected.
6.You have a wonderful, caring heart.
7.You care about becoming a better christian, a better man, and a better husband.
8.You are completely loyal, faithful, and devoted to me.
9.You are responsible, steadfast, and dependable.
10.You have a very strong moral character.

There were more things that I thought of, but those were the top 10! Anyway, that's all for now!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Self-Portrait Layout

This is way artsier than my normal style, (although the shabby chic elements are obviously still present) but it was so fun! I couldn't wait to use the transparency from Pink Paislee, and I integrated some of my art into the background, which I have never done before.

I am attempting a month long moratorium on the purchasing of scrapbook supplies. Jesse and I had a bet, and the winner got $20 at costco to buy a prize. ( I would have bought the Inkadinkado stamps they have right now, thus breaking my moratorium already, oh the shame) We both lost the bet (the current price of a case of chicken broth) so we bought a joint prize instead, this starbucks gift basket, with his and her mugs...I think it shows how we are starting to really come together as a couple, finally!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A week in the life, and a layout of course!

Earlier this week, my dear friend Shelly and I worked on a scrappy project together, a travel journal that she scrapped the front and back cover on!

Today Bubby and I went to Ben and Jerry's, a local landmark here in the hip Hawthorne District.

We visited my grandma in the nursing home today also.

Last night I cropped with my scrappy friends Laura and Marilyn, for Marilyn's birthday. It was 14 hours of sheer joy!

I love the Pink Paislee vintage moon transparency, and I can't wait to make something really amazing with it!!!

And of course a layout, of my dear husband, a real man through and through, who has loved me faithfully and loyally for over 7 years now! I had so much fun distressing and masculinizing this layout. And I used grungeboard for the first time on the title letters.