Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This and That

I know this is probably an incredibly narcisstic layout, but I am still in awe that I actually took this picture of myself. It's all about the makeup, and I guess it was a good hair day. I tense up really bad whenever anyone else takes my picture but I relax when I take my own picture. It's very weird. Anyway, I am 31 now, and it's pretty much all downhill towards middle age from here, so I wanted to commemorate the one moment in time when I was pretty and still looked young.

This is a card for my grandma, who is very sick in the hospital right now. She's really been failing since grandpa died in July. My husband was shocked that I could make a "cute", "simple" card and not one of my incredibly jam-packed, overdone projects. I laughed! It's all about the aesthetic, and right now I am going through a jam-packed, overdone phase! But I know my grandma would like this style better, so that's what I did! The paper is Webster's Pages, and I chose it because it is kind of old-fashioned and I thought it would please grandma.

This is a totally awesome RAK that I won from Brook over at:

What an awesome RAK!!! I used the prima flowers on the layout I just did. Thank you Brook!

And finally, I finished the journaling for Jesse's "My Real Man" layout I did a couple weeks ago. This is what it says:

What I love about you

1. You love me more than anyone or anything.
2.You are very handsome, sexy, and irresistably cuddly to me-my big, fuzzy, teddy bear, raar Bubby.
3.You will be a really good daddy someday.
4.You are my perfectly designed opposite.
5.You are hilarious, entertaining, and unexpected.
6.You have a wonderful, caring heart.
7.You care about becoming a better christian, a better man, and a better husband.
8.You are completely loyal, faithful, and devoted to me.
9.You are responsible, steadfast, and dependable.
10.You have a very strong moral character.

There were more things that I thought of, but those were the top 10! Anyway, that's all for now!


Kim Watson said...

A beautiful L.O about a beautiful girl :o)
Well done!
I hope your Grandma gets well soon.

tigardlilly said...

What, it's all down hill from 31? Nobody told me, I'm so depressed. I thought 50 was the new 30, I must of had it backwards. Well, I'm off to Costco to order myself a coffin.

Toni said...

Love the music! And that self portrait is awesome. Great job. Oh, and that RAK was killer too, eh? Had to laugh at your "it's all downhill from here" comment. Silly girl. Actually, I think you're going to find your 40's pleasantly surprising. There's an "in my own skin" comfort level there that is a real treasure.

Zarah said...

I'm like that too. I can snap my own photo and feel confident, but whenever anyone else approaches me with the camera, I go tense and look ridiculous in all the photos. :P


Linda said...

Love the lo with the self portrait...Gotta tell you though that you are totally wrong about going downhill with Middle Age. I am 52, wear a size 2 pants (actually they are a little big on me), have tons of muscle from working out and taking care of myself, and I still ride my dirtbike up in the mountains, like way up in the mountains.

OK that said, don't let the age thing make you think it's all over.

WOW...what a fun fun fun RAK you won.

Thanks for stopping by my blog girlie. I'm with you, life happens, but along the way, it helps to have your direction.


Pamela said...

It's a beautiful picture and a beautiful LO! Great card too! Hope things get better with your Grandma (or she gets to go be with Grandpa). :)

Beate said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. Your layout is really fantastic. You have my best wishes for your grandma.

Chrispea said...

Bite your tongue!! I'm 41!! I think I'm holdin' up pretty well!! You look great! Love the layout, too.

Marilyn said...

It's all downhill from 31???? Oh no, I have nothing to look forward to now, LOL!!! I love that layout you did about yourself. I see nothing wrong with liking the way you look, I believe it is rather healthy!!

Look at that pile of goodness!!! You really lucked out!

Micayla said...

What a gorgeous layout, soooo pretty girl.
31 is young, dont worry about it! You are only as young as the bloke you feel, so get feeling, lol!!!

Samantha said...

Very pretty LO! I love the picture you took of yourself. If it's all down hill at 31, then I'm right behind you!

Love the card, too. I really hope your grandma gets better soon. It's hard to see our loved ones ill.