Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And another layout (not about me!!!)

5 posts in one day, lol! I'm just a spaz today I guess!

Silver Falls Outing with My Little Man and My Big Man

Jesse took me and the little boy I nanny for on a field trip today. It was so fun, and beautiful, and we had a great time!!! It's actually really fun when Jesse comes with me when I take care of my little man. He's really good with him, and my little man just adores Jesse.

This picture is of the South Silver Falls, Oregon. It was so beautiful. I was singing the theme song to "Last of the Mohicans" when we walked behind the waterfall because it totally reminds me of that movie, when they are behind the waterfall...soooooooooo romantic!!! (and of course I stole a kiss from my big studly man!!!)

Here's Bubby and Bubette!!!

Here's me and my little man, he's holding my pinky, which is so cute!!!

My Little Man took this picture of me!!! Pretty good for a nearly-three-year-old!

My Little Man and My Big Man!


A birthday layout with my admittedly overused self-portrait, with ADORABLE Jenni Bowlin paper.

A Fleuriste Collage Card, with one of my hand made flowers.

Christmas Cards

These 4 cards are for my scrap "gals", Marilyn, Laura, Kay, and Erica...they are my crazy, colorful, collage style. the paper is Fancy Pants Designs.

These cards are more traditional. They are the ones Jesse helped me with. The paper is the Pear and Mistletoe Basic Grey Line from Michaels. The word stamps are Studio G from last Christmas, the old fashioned image is Stampendous, (I think) also from Christmas last year.

This is what is on the inside of all my cards this year, it is a Studio G stamp from last Christmas.

Witkowski Christmas Traditions

Christmas Music!!! We have a few good CD's-Jewel, Christina Aguilera, City on a Hill, Manheim Steamroller, and Winter Memories (Old Christmas Songs). I love Christmas Music!

This Tree is very sentimental to me, it is an antique! It is artificial, and it was my grandparents and then it was my mom's so it was my Christmas Tree every year when I was little. My mom gave it to me about 5 years ago so now I get to use it every year and I LOVE IT!!! I am very sentimental...

This lovely nativity set was a gift a few years ago from my mother-in-law. I think it is really beautiful and I love it!

Our Christmas stockings. My sister-in-law sewed me the one on the left when I was about 15, I love it and I will keep it forever. Like I said I am very sentimental. The stocking on the right is Jesse's, and it is half of a pair my aunt sent us the first year of our marriage. I will also keep those stockings forever! Jesse and I like to do stocking stuffers for each other for Christmas morning.

I made this sign to hang on the outside of the door of our apartment.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Life Recently

We went to the beach on Nov. 25. We love to go to the beach in winter...there is something cozy about it. Aren't we adorable together???

Some beautiful pictures...

What are you dreaming of, my Jesse???
Thanksgiving dinner, which Jesse singlehandedly prepared while I got to sleep in! He is such a sweetheart, I swear!

Tuesday, a lunch with 2 of my best girlfriends, Tana and Michelle, their children, and the little boy that I am a nanny for at a mom's cafe called "Me too" in Beaverton. It was fun, a little hectic. I think Burger King's playland is a little more suited to the energy level of "our" kids!

Jesse and I making Christmas Cards together yesterday. How cute is that???

He is always making me crack up laughing. I married a hilarious guy!

Jesse concentrating hard.

Tada! A perfectly stamped image, ready to be added to the Witkowski's Christmas cards!!!

A Layout, "In this life, I want to be Passionate about the right things" I've been saving this Basic Grey Scarlet's Letter paper, I looooooooooooooove it. I didn't want to cover up the paper very much, since it is so lovely, so I did some elements with acetate/transparencies or whatever you call that stuff. I actually got the journaling done too!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Self-Portrait Mini Album

I scrapbooked my soul and this is how it turned out. It really shows my inner person, and some of the things that I believe, that I have learned, and that keep me going on this long, poignant journey through life...
I saw "Twilight" today, it is a wonderful movie. I read all 4 books and so seeing the movie was definitely amazing. I haven't been penetrated by a movie this emotionally for many years, and it was wonderful to be pierced by something so beautiful...It was really lyrical, poetic, artistic, just lovely. My husband came and he was such a good sport and even liked it and was looking up some of the songs from it when we got home.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some Projects

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tons O'Stuff

I had to put the finishing touches on a few things. Journaling seems to be my block in getting layouts completely done. I finished the journaling today at work, and I've been making some cute cards this week at work too. Lots of pics!

My fave style...

This one too...

And this one...

I took these pictures before my grandpa died in early July. I have always looked at my grandparents marriage as this beautiful miracle, and I can only hope that my marriage will become like theirs was.

One of our fun date days! We took the jetboat tour on the Willamette river in Portland. It was a blast, such a fun day and the weather was amazing.

Awwww....we're so cute together!

Jesse literally BROKE THE WINDOW WITH HIS ELBOW!!! My husband is truly like Hercules, he is so darn strong!!!

Portland is known for it's lovely bridges, here are some images of some of them.

My husband being cute, as usual. He is very good at being cute!

The fourth of July.

I loooooooooooooooove how this card turned out, but I have loved Cosmo Cricket Fleuriste ever since I first laid eyes on it...

Pop fashion by Pink Paislee. I like this card but I got sick of the paper after looking at it for too long, very pink.

This is fancy pants designs Happy Holidays line for this year. I think it is really pretty paper.