Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Silver Falls Outing with My Little Man and My Big Man

Jesse took me and the little boy I nanny for on a field trip today. It was so fun, and beautiful, and we had a great time!!! It's actually really fun when Jesse comes with me when I take care of my little man. He's really good with him, and my little man just adores Jesse.

This picture is of the South Silver Falls, Oregon. It was so beautiful. I was singing the theme song to "Last of the Mohicans" when we walked behind the waterfall because it totally reminds me of that movie, when they are behind the waterfall...soooooooooo romantic!!! (and of course I stole a kiss from my big studly man!!!)

Here's Bubby and Bubette!!!

Here's me and my little man, he's holding my pinky, which is so cute!!!

My Little Man took this picture of me!!! Pretty good for a nearly-three-year-old!

My Little Man and My Big Man!


Marfa said...

Wow...that's gorgeous! The huge trees and that waterfall...amazing!!!

Kim Watson said...

What fantastic photo's...it is so great that you get to go on field trips *all together*, what fun!

The scenery looks breathtaking! What a treat!!