Monday, January 26, 2009

3 layouts

I scrapped one layout that I can't post online. It was very cathartic but it had to do with child abuse so it's too personal and too possibly inflammatory family-wise so that one will just stay in my scrapbook...I call that particular style of layout "Scrap-journaling". But these babies are perfectly blog-appropriate!!! The journaling reads as follows,
"September 2007-these pictures are of a very joyful, momentous occasion in my life-my first time cropping! I registered and Jesse allotted me $100 for my 30th birthday present. I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect. I learned so much that night and it opened up a whole new world of design ideas. That was the true start of my passionate addiction to this wonderful hobby. I love it so much and it truly brings me the most pure, unadulaterated JOY of anything I've ever done in my entire life. My enthusiasm hasn't waned at all, which is so surprising. Usually it's hard to stay excited about anything in life. With scrapbooking, it's easy! (JAN 2009)"
I'm off to crop with the scrap gals, I'm picking up some new pics at Costco on my way. They are Christmas pics, so I'll be starting even more layouts. I still have like 30 of these old ones to finish, but it is so fun. I'll finish someday...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally...I finished a layout!!!

Awwww...the first finished one of the fabled 35+ in process!!! Now is really my favorite part though, embellishing and journaling, so hopefully I can whip those babies out in no time! I also added extension posts to my scrapbooks, for the first time since I started scrapbooking. All those intricate little parts of our delightful hobby!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Life Update

Just finished this book last night. It was awesome! Totally addictive. It's been a really long time since I've been sucked into a book so completely, and it was very enjoyable to forget about reality for 2 whole days!!! It's by the author of the twilight series, which I am of course a fan of, like almost every other woman in america right now!
Stopped into Michael's this morning, they have a lot of really cute stuff and some good sales...may be indulging in some scrap therapy soon. I love the new K & Company line, "Que Sera Sera", and the Making Memories "Chloe's Closet". I might also buy a silhouette, found a great deal online for one of those on the cut at home website.
I've started scrapbooking with Marilyn (Melonscraps) and Laura (Tigardlilly) on Monday nights, it is very therapeutic. I just love those girls! I'm currently working on 35+ layouts. I find that production line style works really well for me. I'm getting my own system now-
1. Photos (matted or not) adhered on 12X12 paper-this is all that I can really do when I crop in a group, the rest of the stuff I need to do at home by myself. (takes too much concentration for me-can't chitchat and make those hard decisions at the same time!!!)
2. Choose and adhere title and journaling space
3. Embellish
4. Write journaling
Jesse and I are still working together and carpooling. My nanny job is now just an occasional day of work, which is fine. 6 months of working 7 days a week was really hard on me. So our life is very simple and calm. (knock on wood) We like it that way!
I can't believe I went so long without blogging and then missed celebrating my blogaversary (however the heck you spell it-it's not even a real word, is it?)
I have been struggling really hard with something for a really long time now, hopefully I will overcome it completely very soon. Thank God for my super amazing husband. He is like Jesus to me right now. Just trying to make it through the long, cold winter...