Saturday, May 16, 2009

Snow Fun Layouts

I don't really like these layouts per se, but I was trying to finish all these layouts at once so they are cutesy quick and easy style, but not really MY favorite style...I may return to them someday...and make them more to my liking...or not...anyway we had many fun snow adventures and that's really more to the point, isn't it???


Kay said...

I spy a top note die!! lol ;)

Hope things are going well for ya! Great LOs!

Marilyn said...

LOL Kay!!

Christina, I never really got to see those layouts when you were working on the, they are great! Snow is fun! I had to get out in the snow too, can't stand being stuck at home, lol!

Marfa said...

I love the cool blue of the layouts! All of them are full...but the first one needs something else in the top left...maybe a small doily or a snowflake?

Anonymous said...

hey, your layouts are swell, but what is/was even better... SEEING Y'ALL Sunday!!! Hope to see you again. Tell Jessie we're up for coming over soon.... then we'll have to reciprocate:)