Monday, June 16, 2008

I have an Etsy Shop!!!

Come see my necklaces!!!


Corina said...

Beautiful!! I "hearted" you!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Beautiful jewelry! Best of luck to you!

Marfa said...

That choker is also awesome! In South Africa they call abalone, "perlemoen," according to Wiki (yes, I wanted to look it up).

Jessica said...

Wow! You are talented!

Just saw your comment of Marfa's post-- "It's Real Life" is a fest now I'm hosting if you still want to do it! It'll be fun for you to come play with us. Come check it out.

Michelle said...

Cute shop!! =) It's fun to make goodies for Etsy, isn't it?? There is just so much inspiration over on that lovely site! Happy day!

PaperParadise said...

Congratulations on your new etsy shop!! I hope it does well for you! The necklaces are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing! :)

I hope the move goes smoothly for you!!

Take Care of yourself!