Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Layout and a Blessing!

I smudged out the journaling on this because it's too personal to share, sorry...I believe in journaling the good with the bad, because really I have a terrible memory, and otherwise I won't accurately be able to remember how life was, and the things that I've gone through, etc.
One thing I thought was fun on this layout is that on the tiny flowers, I didn't want to use mini-brads for the centers, since they were too big, so I glued some seed beads, and I thought they turned out perfect!!!
The good news is that we were approved for the apartment, we will begin moving in this weekend.


Marilyn said...

Once again, a beautiful page! I don't have the courage to put that kind of journaling on a page, good for you!

Awesome news about the apartment!

Erica Hettwer said...

So glad that you got the apartment!!! :D

Very lovely layout! Your style is so...you!!! Love it! :D

Marfa said...

I hope the move goes well...
That layout looks very nice, I love all the flowers and the various fonts!

PaperParadise said...

WOW your LO is awesome! I love the card tooo!! Congrats on getting the apartment! :) Take Care!

KJ-Starre said...

Glad the apartment came through....& you have a bathtub now :o)

Lovely L.O! I love that you aren't scared to write your true feelings on your L.O's...I mean that's why we do this isn't it...to remember.

All the best for the move.

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Christina!! Here is a big hug!! Did you get through the move? Where did you move? Billy and I would have helped you if we knew.
So sorry to hear about your grandpa. You wrote a beautiful tribute.
Annie Ferguson

Contessa Kris said...

What a beautiful layout! Love all the layers and colors. Especially love the scripture. Thanks for visiting my blog recently. I'm playing catch up. It's always a joy to meet bloggers I've never met before. I'll be back to look soon!