Friday, December 7, 2007

5 Minutes of Pure Bliss!!!

First of all, look at the awesome header that my CKMB buddy, hickschick, designed for me since I am completely digitally illiterate!!! It is gorgeous, thank you so much hickschick!!!!!!!

Second of all, I was tucking my dh in bed and we were talking about my cuttlebug disappointment today. I mentioned that maybe I'll just order it online sometime at, since they have it for $35 plus shipping. He said, "It's only $35.00? Then why are you so bummed that Michael's wouldn't let you use the coupon. Just go order it right now."

I said, "ARE YOU SERIOUS???"

He said, "Yeah, go ahead honey. Merry Christmas."

I think it took me about a minute and a half to get that order put through and NOW MY CUTTLEBUG IS ON IT"S WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course now I'll have to save to buy some alphabets...

Like I said, 5 minutes of pure bliss!


noel joy said...

wahoo! first off your new header is awesome... hickschick is wonderful! :) love her!!!

how cool of your dh! enjoy your bliss! :)

Annie said...

Glad you are having fun with your scrapbooking!!!


joscelyne cutchens said...

i love your new header... congrats on the cuttlebug!

Tana said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!! Thank you, DH! What a sweetheart. :)

Tana said...

Who sings the song on your's beautiful!

AFScrapperMom said...

Hi just dropping by to say Hi!
i added you to my list of bloggers!

Marilyn said...

You've been tagged! share 7 random facts about yourself!