Monday, December 3, 2007



I took the title for this layout from the movie, “Always” (1989) starring Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter. I saw it in the theater when I was 12 years old and it has always been a favorite. So beautiful and poignant. I got to thinking, what else in my life lasts for “always”. I’ve been doing a ton of soul searching since I turned 30, and more and more I am turning to the faith of my childhood to satisfy my deepest longings. My relationship with God is the ONLY thing that will last “Always”.

I used this adorable new paper I bought at the LSS last weekend. It is MM Hillary Stamp Shape. I also used some Basic Grey Figgy Pudding paper to mat the photo. I used Colorbok white chipboard letters, American Crafts Thickers in Black Tie Aqua Velvet, and dollar store paper clips. I hand drew the letters in “always”. I journalled on old notebook paper, which I edged with small scallop edging scissors, and punched some small holes with my crop-a-dile.

I journalled the following on this layout.

“This journey, that started when I was 5 years old under the weeping willow tree in our backyard when I asked Jesus into my heart for the first time~(It wouldn’t be the last time I did, by any means)

This journey...
has surprised me with the pain it has held in store for me. Was anyone else on this lonely planet as surprised by this as well? Was I the only one?

This journey is so full of ups and downs. So hard most of the time. God and I have so many falling outs and distant times. I feel discouraged often. Yet I’ve never completely given up on God, and I know (in faith) that my God has never given up on me. That’s a miracle.

I’ve re-committed my life to God, at 30 years old, twice this year alone. And still I am unsure as that 5-year-old. Although unfortunately less joyful and trusting.

But…I’m not unsure about God. Only unsure about the daily steps I travel in following Him.

Evidence of His grace, providence, and peace are obvious in my daily life. He answers my prayers both Big and little.

Yet my faith falters…
Yet holds fast.



Marfa said...

What a wonderful way to express your trust in God! He is amazing. You must be inspired by Elsie...I love that page! Are you married? Or have you had a dog for 6 years, or both...I was confused...

KJ-Starre said...

Hello there, nice to meet you. I saw your comment on Martha's blog, so thought I'd stop by & read your blog too. Your L.O about Faith is FAB!!!! & really honest. You have a nice loose style, come-on show us some more.

I too am a Believer & love scrapping & blogging about the trials & triumphs of being a Christian on this crazy planet. I think the world of blogging is a great way for us to take strength from 'the-not-so-perfect-either', people out there who blog.

It would be great if you stopped by. My link is
Have a super day!

Tana said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I look forward to reading more. Maybe, one of these days I will get over for a scraping party?? Have you hosted anymore??
I love you sister!

Cassie said...

Saw your link on CKMB.
I love your artwork. You should design your own line of scrapbook papers!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Like your blog. Your pictures look REALLy good on the black background!! (good at your house too, but you know what I mean.) Thanks for letting us in.