Friday, December 7, 2007

A Minor Setback...

So...Michael's won't accept Joann's internet coupons. Who knew? Therefore, I am still cuttlebug-less. Maybe it's a sign. To just use the die-cutters at the LSS when I go crop, or something like that!

Tomorrow I'm going to go crop all day at an LSS that I've never been to before or even heard of before. Apparently they let you use their quickutz, and they have some alphabets. I'll have to report back if my experience satisfies my deep need for neat-o fonts. I'm going to crop with a girl from the CKMB. I'm pretty excited, actually. I've never gone to a crop with anyone else. I'm a fairly new scrapbooker, having just started the craft a year ago, and all my "old" friends think I'm slightly daft since I've gone completely overboard! So, I'm trying to make some new "scrap buddies".

By the way, I'm adding all you CKMB'ers to my list o'blogs on my blog, so if that's not ok, please let me know! I'll take you off right away!


Kay (ckmb) said...

I so wish I could join you guys for the crop tomorrow!! I already had plans. :( Next time!! Have fun!

Samantha said...

That's awesome!! You'll just love your bug. I know I do!