Thursday, December 13, 2007

7 random facts about me...

1) I was born on a small island in Alaska.
2) I have a Master’s degree in teaching but I work at a daycare (and am very
disgruntled about it, although God has really been changing my heart about it lately).
3) My first car was a ’74 Nova, creamy yellow with plaid bench seats. Too cool, but the brakes sucked!
4) I went on a trip to meet my in-laws for the first time without my husband.
5) I used to have a pet dove named Rachelle.
6) I was a nanny in manhattan for 4 months when I was 19.
7) I went to Victoria, Canada for my honeymoon.


Marilyn said...

Christina, thanks for sharing! I had a 72 nova that I shared with my brother, awesome power!!

Samantha said...

It was great to read your seven random facts! I'm off to post mine now :)

Marilyn said...

Yeah, I can meet you on Monday at LASB! I was already planning on going, and planning on letting you know about it anyway!! I can't wait!